Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Truck Details
Monthly Vehicle Inspection

Tires free of cuts, acceptable tread depth and tire pressure

Under hood – visual inspection of fluid levels and belts

Windshield and windows are without damage; windows operate properly

Lights operational; headlights, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, 4 way flasher, running and back up lights

Vehicle’s light lenses are free from damage and cracks

Hood latches operate properly; gas cap fits properly

Vehicle registration and insurance card are current and in the vehicle

Vehicle’s door latches operate properly and are secured

Instrument panel and warning lights operational

Windshield wipers operational with acceptable fluid level

Sun visors present and operational

Climate control and window defroster are operational

Mirrors, interior and exterior operate properly

Vehicle’s seat adjustments operational

Service and parking brakes operational and acceptable

Interior of vehicle clean and free of loose items & debris; cargo secured

Seat belts and/or shoulder harnesses operational and acceptable

Head restraint properly adjusted

Roadside Emergency Triangle Kit (3 reflective triangles)

Fire Extinguisher up to date (dedicated in cab minimum size 1A, 10BC)

Horn Operational

First Aid Kit is present and fully stocked

Vehicle Emergency Information Binder present in vehicle and contains all required items

I have notified the Project Manager regarding the observed items requiring repair or adjustment.